Flight of the Black Swan – Poem

Flight of the Black Swan

They say you were inevitable

Something to be feared,

A force described as formidable

Upon reflection it was clear


A black swan among the white few

The one beauty a sole outlier

Flammes sombres et le feu

Amidst the snow a fire


From the chaos you give order

While in the darkness light

Where reason and love borders

You draw your strength for flight


To those who understand and stay

The rest see as unexpected,

Tu es mon viguer tout au long de la journée

Black swans, we two, are wedded


This poem is an original for the novella Flight of the Black Swan: Birds of Flight Novella published in March 2015.

I needed a poem that encompassed both the image of a black swan and unusual events that could have been predicted. It was strange not to find anything in literature.  As a result, I had to write one. I really should stick with my day job.